Air Brush Tanning

Why Sunless airbrush tanning? Natural sun allergy. Your natural tan is not dark enough yet. You need color today, have a party tonight.

What should I do before I come in for my first Norvell airbrush tan?

Make an Appointment 36 to 48 hours prior to your event. Be sure to leave enough time so your first Norvell sunless spray tan is a relaxing experience. Please exfoliate and shave prior to coming in. You can get your sunless tan, get dressed, and be out the door within twenty minutes. It is important not to get wet for several hours after your spray tan. For more information call us at 509-892-5736 or go to FAQ, s

Immediate gratification with instant cosmetic color.



Please follow these steps to insure a beautiful, long lasting airbrush application.


  • Please Shower   NO Bar Soap (Shower Gel is ok)
  • Shave Legs and Underarms -Exfoliate Body and Face
  • Do not apply Lotion, make up or deodorant after you’ve showered
  • Bring dark loose fitted clothing to change into afterward


  • Do not get wet!! -Do Not Shower for at least 14 hrs. -DO NOT EXFOLIATE!
  • No Makeup for at least 6 hrs. -Do not apply lotion for at least 12 hrs.
  • Stay AWAY from pools or hot tubs for 36 hrs.
  • Do not use body washes that contain SODIUM CHLORIDE.

**If you are planning a manicure, pedicure, or a workout please do so before your Airbrush.

Doing them right after will wash the product away!!

**Some of the product may rub off on clothing or sheets; it will wash out in the wash unless it is SILK!

*Men must wear undergarments!! -Underwear-Boxers, Speedo, etc.!!

Sunless airbrush tanning is cosmetic; it does not provide any sun protection.