• +Q: Why should I tan at Desert Gold Tanning?

    A: There are many different factors to choosing a Tanning Salon, price is only one of them, The equipment or bulbs you tan on, the customer service you receive, and the look and feel of the salon are also important. Come in to Desert Gold Tanning and let our experienced staff show you around our salon, and help you find the best package for your needs at the best value.

  • +Q: What type of packages do you offer?

    A: We realize there are many different types of tanners. From the vacation tanner, the drop in tanner, to year round tanners and don’t forget the seasonal tanner. We also see those looking for some help boosting their vitamin D and of course those who use tanning as a means to help control there psoriasis or eczema. Yes, there are those who just want a few minutes to relax by themselves. Desert Gold Tanning has everything you need. Small packages for one time or short time tanners. Bulk minute packages (no session, no waste.) Just minute per minute usage. Unlimited tanning, absolutely. No binding contracts or memberships. You will also find special pricing for our Norvell UV free, sunless spray tans.

  • +Q: How often can I tan & how can I get the best color results?

    A: You can tan once every 24 hours. When starting the tanning process, we recommend you tan three times within a five day period to ‘jump start’ the melanin-building process. We always recommend a tanning accelerator to magnify your tanning results and our free after tan lotion will also help you to get and keep your best tan.

  • +Q: I’m going on vacation, when should I start tanning?

    A: We recommend you start about one month prior to your vacation. Tanning at least three times a week until you get the color you desire. After you are satisfied with your color, about once a week will maintain your beautiful golden tan.

    When you tan indoors, you control the amount of exposure with the time spent in the bed. In addition, an indoor tanning environment like Desert Gold Tanning can provide comfort and relaxation in addition to beautiful golden tan.

  • +Q: When is the right time for a sunless airbrush tan?

    A: Anytime! From Halloween costume time to your white wedding and have no time to tan. Waited too long before your trip, (white skin stands out in the tropics!) First date and you need to look hot!! Got the blah’s and need to feel better. Short dress and your legs haven’t seen the sun! Girls night out, why not look the best.

  • +Q: What should I do before I come in for my first Norvell Spray tan?

    A. Make an Appointment! Be sure to leave enough time so you first Norvell sunless spray tan is a relaxing experience. Please exfoliate and shave prior to coming in. You can get your sunless tan, get dressed, and be out the door within twenty minutes. It is important not to get wet for several hours after your spray tan. For more information Call us at 509-892-5736 or visit Norvell Tanning’s FAQ’s page.

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