PicMonkey CollageIndoor tanning lotions are specifically formulated to help you achieve your skins most deepest golden tan.

These products offer benefits that are more than just cosmetic. Indoor tanning products not only maximize and extend your tan, they also maintain healthier and younger looking skin!


Healthy skin is most important in achieving a dark tan. Indoor tanning products are formulated to provide the skin with vital moisture that is necessary before and also after tanning. These lotions contain ingredients including vitamins, natural oils, anti-oxidants, natural botanical extracts and aloe vera. ALL of which help boost your tan!

People who do not use a tanning lotion, do not get the valuable benefits these nutrients offer.

Here at Desert Gold Tanning we offer a wide variety of tanning lotions. Each and everyone is designed to help you achieve a more deeper and enduring tan, while giving your skin the added benefits as well. Lotions range from different prices. REMEMBER, the more expensive the  product, the better quality of skin care you will receive.

You may find unauthorized indoor tanning lotions sold at local super markets, drugstores, or discounted websites. indoor tanning lotions sold outside of a professional tanning salon are considered to be diverted.

Why is diversion bad? You may not be getting what you think your getting when purchasing outside a tanning salon. Outdated, discontinued, damaged and tampered with products are often the products you are receiving. If you see an indoor tanning lotion for sale outside a salon, don’t risk it, don’t buy it!

Our tanning specialist here at Desert Gold Tanning will be glad to assist you in finding the perfect product for your tanning needs.